5-Port PoE+ Ethernet Switch

10-30VDC Powered

The J-Switch PoE 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch sets a new standard for small PoE Ethernet switches with the ability to supply 30 watts of PoE power from a 12VDC source. When powered from 24VDC, this switch can deliver 60 watts of PoE power. 100W of PoE power available when operated from 24 to 30VDC up to 60C (see datasheet).

This is an ideal switch for low voltage applications and it is fully protected; ALL I/O pins are surge and lightning protected. One port of the switch can function in legacy PoE mode so that you can supply 0-55VDC to Pins 4-5 Pos and 7-8 Neg.; ideal for powering small WiFi radios.

High Power PoE+

5-Port PoE+ Switch
  • Low Cost
  • -40C to +70C Operation
  • PoE Powered
  • Supports Pelco D
  • Rugged Design