RUG-ID Carbon Fiber (CF) Tripod

Rapid Deployment - No Tools Needed

This RUG-ID CF series carbon fiber tripod is lightweight and easy to assemble - no tools required.   A perfect ad-hoc PTZ camera support system for any remote site application.

With a machined Aluminum adapter, this tripod can easily handle a JPTH-13MPoE pan/tilt head and high resolution, long range 32X camera.  This tripod features Gitzo's eXact carbon tubes with G-Lock Ultra twist-locks that securely connect each leg section.

When fully extended, the PTZ camera will be above 9 feet providing a wide, stable stance.   The Aluminum adpater which allows mounting of a PTZ camera system to the tripod also allows for the attachment of guy ropes whch can be staked into the ground to enhance overall stability..

There are many accessories available for this industry leading carbon fiber tripod.    At just under 8 lbs, this lightweight tripod can extend to raise your PTZ camera or WiFi antenna to just over 9 feet to provide a good overall view or line-of-sight communications link.

For those wishing to go higher, a geared Aluminum center column is available.  This will raise your antenna up to just under 12 feet in height.    Check out the Aluminum tripods.            View Slideshow

RUG-ID Tripod 

RUG-ID CF Tripod
  • Light Weight
  • Supports 88 lbs
  • Easy to Erect
  • 9 ft or 11 ft Models
  • Can Mount JPTH-13MPoE
  • Collapses to 29"