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Our engineered solutions area focuses on rugged, remote, wireless video surveillance systems that run on AC or DC power, record images locally or remotely, provide remote IP control functionality and see in the dark. In general, a great deal of design effort is expended to achieve high image resolution and low power consumption.

Since many of our systems end up being powered by solar or battery only, low power consumption is a critical aspect of all our design efforts. 24VAC PTZ cameras, environmental domes and DC/AC sine wave converters that consume upwards of 100 watts or more are never used in our systems. Instead, they are always replaced with equipment that improves video resolution and consumes less than 10 watts. The real saving here is in the cost of the alternative energy system.

Customers for these types of systems generally come to us as a referral or last resort after calling many other companies that just can't do it or simply don't understand DC powered systems. Since we have designed many low power DC systems, the task is not impossible, but can be time consuming depending upon the overall complexity and component selection. At times, we must charge a NRE design fee simply because we cannot quote the project without first designing it.

If a prospective customer's requirements are close to what we have designed before, there generally is no charge. However, if the need involves a new "widget", we will request a PO to cover our design fee. If the customer purchases the system, 50% of the design fee will be waived.

We never charge to discuss your project on the telephone so we encourage you to call and discuss your remote wireless video monitoring needs or fill out the Client Requirements FORM by clicking on the Inquiry icon above or Call 1-630-627-3458.
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