BASIC Pan-Tilt IP Controller System
Ideal Entry Level IP P/T Control System
Low Cost Entry Level IP Based P/T Control System
BASIC IP P/T Control System
JPTH-13 with optional
camera and IP control
The BASIC IP P/T Controller is a completely IP based position control system that has been designed to provide "basic" pan-tilt control of the JPTH-13M P/T positioner. This is ideal for camera, IR illuminator, or small antenna control.

The system provides essential control of a JPTH-13M P/T head with controls limited to pan and tilt. The user is free to create a custom Web page which can be programmed to provide diagonal control.

The BASIC system is low in cost, integrates easily with a Mobotix camera's soft buttons and is low in power consumption making it idea for a solar powered application.
BASIC Web Interface

BASIC Pan-Tilt IP Controller System

BASIC IP controller datasheet
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