Direct DC Joystick P/T Control System

PWM IP PTZ Controller
The PWM IP based PTZ controller is an advanced closed loop DC servo controller with a built in Web interface. It controls pan, tilt, zoom and focus functions in a PTZ camera system. It can also be used directly with a Pelco D joystick. more info PWM IP PTZ controller . . . more info

BASIC IP PT Controller
The BASIC IP PT controller is low cost, but still offers remote PT control across any network. more info basic ip pt controller . . . more Info

Direct DC Joystick
The Direct DC Joystick is ideal for mobile applications where simple pan-tilt control is required of a PT positioner on top of a vehicle. It is low cost, contains no sensitive electronics, and is simple to install. more info direct dc joystick. . . more info

Wireless Pan / Tilt Control System
Short range wireless pan / tilt control system offers 350 to 500 Ft wireless control of a pan / tilt head using a small handheld all-weather keyfob. more info direct dc joystick. . . more info

Direct DC Joystick + JPTH-13M P/T Head

IP PTZ Controllers Overview