Mobile Mount System
Ideal for Covert or Night Operations
Steerable Rapid Deployment Vehicle Camera Platform
MMS Mobile Mount with FLIR Thermal Camera and High Intensity Spot Lights

MMS Mobile Light Plant Configuration
The new MMS has been designed for rapid deployment and can be configured to carry a variety of payloads. Mounting the MMS system to a vehicle's steel roof top can be done in a matter of seconds. The entire system operates from a vehicle's 12VDC power source. Special gimballed ON-OFF magnets with roof paint protector pads help prevent against vehicle paint damage and allow mounting to any roof contour.

Example payloads include a FLIR thermal imaging camera, green spotting laser and high intensity LED spot lights. Other payloads could be a mobile light plant, a steerable antenna system or a day/night camera with IR illuminators. All system functions including pan / tilt position, IR lights and the spotting laser are controlled from a rugged joystick inside the vehicle's cab.   WATCH Intro Video
Roof Top Light Plant

Mobile Mount System (MMS)

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