JPTH-35 Pan-Tilt Positioner
Available IP Addressable Control Systems
Up To 35 lbs Load P/T Positioner
JPTH-35 Pan-Tilt Positioner
JPTH-35 with optional
camera and IP control
The rugged JPTH-35 Pan-Tilt Head provides positional control of cameras, lights, or small antennas. With a native 12VDC power system, the JPTH-35 is very user friendly, ideal for solar power applications, and requires no heating or cooling from -30C to +70C.

When it comes to providing positional control over an IP camera system, the JPTH-35 is an ideal PT head when utilized with the PWM IP PTZ controller. This makes the entire system IP based making it easy to use many types of wireless communication options and the Internet for remote control..
Large Lens IP Camera System

JPTH-35 Pan-Tilt Head

JPTH-35 Datasheet
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