10-320mm Power Zoom Lens
We Will Assist In Selecting the Right Lens
Fixed Focal, Varifocal, and Power Zoom Lenses
10-400mm MP, Day/Night Power Zoom Lens
750mm Power Zoom Lens with 2X Extender to 1500mm
Creating a high resolution IP camera system system that allows you to see exactly what you want to see is all about selecting the right lens for your camera. Some applications require wide angle views while others will need telephoto views at significant distances.

A great deal of time is spent selecting the right lens for your PTZ camera system. Lenses with focal lengths up to 1500mm are available. Many are megapixel rated and most are IR corrected so they do not de-focus in low light or under IR light illumination.

Selecting the right lens is critical so it is important you discuss your needs with us. Our PWM IP PTZ controller properly controls 2X extenders offering a a clean web interface for easy control.
1200mm Power Zoom Lens


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