IP PTZ Long Range Camera System

IP Video Camera Systems
J-Systems designs and builds many types of high resolution IP camera systems with all types of lenses (fixed focal length, varifocal, and power zoom), P/T positioners, and related IP based control systems. These are categorized as follows:

Mid- Range 32X PTX Camera Systems
High resolution, all weather, 32X PTZ camera system more info 30x PTZ camera systems. . . more info

Long Range Camera Systems
High resolution IP cameras with fixed, varifocal, or power zoom lenses greater than 100mm focal length. Many lenses are rated as megapixel. more info long range camera systems . . . more Info

PoE Powered PTZ Thermal Camera Systems
640 X 480 PTZ thermal camera system designed for all-weather applications.
Can be supplied with green spotting laser more info long range camera systems . . . more Info

Cellular Camera Systems
Cellular based camera systems utilizing industrial grade cellular gateways. Learn what works and what doesn't using cellular. more info cellular camera systems . . . more info

Wireless Camera Systems
WiFi camera systems for both short and long haul wireless linksmore info wireless camera systems. . . more info

Power Zoom / Varifocal Lenses
Fixed, varifocal and power zoom lenses. Many are megapixel (MP) rated and IR corrected for day / night operation.more info power zoom lenses. . . more info

Long Range Portable
Surveillance System

IP Video Camera Systems Overview