Direct DC Joystick P/T Control System

Ideal P/T Control Systems for Vehicles

The DDC-2 direct DC joystick controller offers physical joystick control of a JPTH-13M P/T Positioner from a 12VDC power source (such as a vehicle, battery, solar, etc).

This P/T system offers low cost P/T position control of a camera, IR illuminator, speaker, or wireless radio from inside the cab of a vehicle, truck, boat, forklift and others. The joystick is extremely rugged and uses no electronic controls.

A normal system comes complete with the DDC-2 joystick, 15 ft high flexibility cable, and a JPTH-13M P/T Positioner.

All-Weather PTZ Camera

DDC-2 12VDC Joystick to Control JPTH-13M
  • Low Cost
  • -40C to +60C Operation
  • Rugged Design