Mobile Mount System

The Ideal Mobile Platform

The Mobile Mount System is the ideal mobile platform for a PTZ camera system, LED spot lights, antenna, or pointing laser.

It can be easily integrated with the JPTH-13M pan/tilt head and allows joystick control of pan and tilt movements from inside a vehicle.  Adding a white light or thermal camera is very easy.  The pan/tilt head is shock isolated for rough terrain travel.

This system features ON-OFF hold-down magents and variable speed joystick control of the pan/tilt head.  Two buttons on the joystick can also control LED spot lights and a spotting laser.    An optional WiFi radio and antenna can offer wireless video monitoring inside the vehicle.

All Weather Mobile Mounting System

Mobile Mount Light Plant for Seach and Rescue
  • Low Cost
  • -40C to +60C Operation
  • Easy To Mount
  • All-Weather 
  • Rugged Design