Rugged, Harsh Environment
Custom Camera Systems

The Right Solution For Your Application

Customers call seeking help to design a remote camera system for some of the planet's harshest environments.

J-Systems has designed systems deployed near the Arctic Circle; Baffin Island to the depths of the South American jungles.  Some projects have requirements which call for custom one of a kind control systems to conserve power when running off solar or battery.

The image on this page is a small PTZ HD camera system located in the Canadian Rockies both for weather and avalanch monitoring.  This system runs 24X7 and transmits images to a remote station.  This site is only serviced by helicopter so reliability is critical and utilizes for JPTH-13M Pan Tilt and JS-05P 5-port PoE+ switch.

All-Weather PTZ Camera

Custom PTZ Camera System
  • Special Lubricants
  • -40C to +60C Operation
  • PoE Powered
  • All-Weather
  • Rugged Design