Outdoor PTZ Thermal Camera Systems

Rugged Design- Radiometric Option 

Our PTZ Thermal Camera Systems are designed to be used in either fixed or mobile environments.  Our systems feature the rugged Hanwha-Techwin series of thermal cameras and our rugged JPTH-13M Pan-Tilt head.

Ideal for total darkness applications where seeing vehicles and people is mission critical.  A perect solution for covert surveillance or search and rescue operations.  Radiometric models available.   Full P/T positioner control from the camera's web interface or joystick.

An optional green spotting laser allows good situational awareness in total darkness.  The bright white light LED spot lights can be used to help individuals who are lost at night, locate your vehicle.

PTZ Thermal Camera

PTZ Thermal Camera System
  • Fixed or Mobile Operation
  • -40C to +60C Operation
  • Spotting Laser Option
  • LED Spot Lights  Option
  • Rugged Design