IP Based PTZ Controller

Variable Speed IP PTZ Controller

This rugged IP based PTZ controller leads the industry in IP based variable speed control of a P/T head and power zoom lens. It provides closed loop DC servo control of a JPTH-13M or JPTH-35 P/T positioner and power zoom lenses. It's small PC/104 size allows it fit easily into small enclosures.

This controller features a virtual joystick Web interface, DC supply voltage readout, ambient temperature readout, 17 presets and precise Jog control for focusing large focal length lenses. You may also use a Pelco D joystick to provide precise control across an RS232 or RS485 serial line. Some IP cameras and video encoders also output Pelco D commands.

All-Weather PTZ Camera

IP Based PTZ Micro Controller Card
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom & Focus
  • -40C to +60C Operation
  • DC Servo Control System
  • Supports Pelco D
  • Built-In Lightning Protection