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Customer Focused and Driven

J-Systems is a family owned and operated business that will soon celebrate its’ 24th successful year. Our success is directly attributable to the dedication and commitment we provide our customers. One of the most important things we can do as an organization is to listen. When customers need support, have feedback to offer or merely want to discuss an opportunity, listening and responding is vital.

After several decades of designing and manufacturing a wide array of both commercial and harsh duty solutions for remote video monitoring, we have developed a vast archive of knowledge. Based upon this experience, we have the ability to recommend and build solutions with the assurance that they will deliver and perform as expected. This ability sets us apart from our competitors and eliminates the need for customers to do research, try things on their own, or worst case find out the hard way that something doesn’t work as expected.

The two principals involved with the daily operation of the business provide a wealth of engineering, networking and international business experience. This affords our customers in depth knowledge which can be applied to key areas including selecting cameras, PTZ control systems, remote power solutions such as solar, remote control options, power zoom lenses, wireless communications and design constraints that assure remote, harsh environment equipment survival.

Custom Design Services

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