Integrated Thermal Camera System
 with LED Spot Lights

PoE Powered Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera System

Custom Design for Mobile Applications

This system was design for a US Gov't Agency to be mounted on top of a vehicle.  Primarily used for night-time animal survellance. 

  • All-Weather Thermal Camera
  • High Intensity LED Spot Lights
  • Green Spotting Laser
  • Microprocessor Controller with Remote Joystick Control of P/T and Lights
  • Designed for Off-Road Operation
  • -30 to +60C Operation in All Types of Weather

Remote Site Solar Powered
in Canadian Rockies

Rugged All-Weather PTZ Camera System in Canadian Rockies

PTZ Camera Systems for Remote Weather Station

A unique design for a remote, solar powered, weather station located in the Canadian Rockies (only accessed by helicopter)

  • High Resolution Zoom IP Camera on JPTH-13MPoE Pan-Tilt Positioner
  • -40C Operation During Winter Months
  • All-Weather Operation in Ice and Blowing Snow
  • Controlled Remotely via Wireless Communications Link
  • High Reliability Needed Due to Inability to Reach Site in Winter
  • Built Rugged to Last For Many Years

Steerable High Intensity Spot Light
and Camera System

Steerable High Intenstity Spotlight Systems

Custom High Intensity Spot Light System

This custom designed, steerable spot light and camera combination was designed for the Port of Olympia in Olympia, WA.  Used as maintenance work lights.

  • High Intensity Outdoor Rated Spot Lights - Custom designed mounts
  • Completly Controlled via Dedicated WiFi Link
  • High Humidity Operation in All Weather Conditions
  • Multiple Microprocessor Controllers Built-In
  • Complete Custom Control System and Light Ballasts Designed & Built
  • Designed for Years of Maintenance Free Operation on Top of 50 ft Poles

Cellular Based Rapid Deployment
 Long-Range IP Camera System

Rapid Deployment PTZ Camera System for FBI

Engineered Long Range Surveillance System

Designed for the FBI (DOJ) as an Ad-Hoc, rapid delopyment long range video surveillance system that can be deployed quickly in all types of weather.

  • HD IP Camera with Long Focal Length Lens
  • Web Interface Control of Pan-Tilt Positioner and Power Zoom Lens
  • Included Engineered Tripod Mount for Quick Setup in the Field
  • Microprocessor Controller Built-In
  • Incorporates RS 485 Pelco D Control Via Physical Joystick
  • Built Rugged to Last For Many Years