32X PTZ Camera

Mid-Range 32X PTZ Camera

PoE powered PTZ camera systems with 32X HD, 6MP, 4K or Thermal camera.  Rugged systems included Alum. camera enclosure, heated glass window, cooling, and sun shield.
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Long Range Camera

Long Range 1500mm Lens PTZ Camera

Up to 1500mm long range PTZ camera systems including 5-port high power PoE+ switch.  Designed for harsh environments, can be AC or DC powered.  Many lenses offer IR day-night correction.
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Thermal PTZ camera

PTZ Mobile Mount Thermal PTZ Camera

A unique PTZ thermal camera system featuring Hanwha_Techwin thermal cameras and the world class JPTH-13M pan/tilt head,  A spotting laser and white LED spots round out this system
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Custom Systems

Custom Designed PTZ Camera System

Customers ask us to design just the right camera solution for their application. Here's a PTZ camera located in the Canadian Rockies at a remote solar powered weather station.
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